Hacknowledge leverages Threatray to support investigations and offer novel capabilities to its clients.

Hacknowledge, a Swiss leader in 24/7  monitoring, detection and response services, recently partnered with Threatray to augment its malware investigation and intelligence capabilities.

Threatray’s novel and highly scalable search engine for code can find relationships between malware threats currently invisible to other technologies. This approach greatly enhances malware identification, attribution and intelligence leading to faster detection, more efficient threat hunting and incident response.

This partnership will also empower their client base with these advanced capabilities.

Their customers will soon be able to upload individual samples directly onto their own portal to generate quick verdicts and deep intelligence reports on demand. This will not only create new value for their customer base but also support better collaboration between teams through a shared instance with their service provider.

“Hacknowledge is well known and respected by mature security teams. It’s a great source of pride to be working with them of course but also a fantastic opportunity to launch this new MSSP model.” commented Endre Bangerter, CEO and co-founder of Threatray. “Integrating with their client portal and giving access to our advanced technology to more people is why we have these partner programs. We’re already seeing the potential to replicate this approach in other regions.”

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