Threatray’s Binary Intelligence for Endpoint

An exceptional second line of defense for enterprise security teams that goes deeper than before to cover detection and investigation gaps that classic technology often misses.

Threatray protects your endpoints
By harnessing the power of ML code detection and intelligence, …
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…our novel approach brings new capabilities to endpoint defense and covers the gaps that existing products often overlook.

Endpoint Protection

Automate and scale memory detection and analysis

Traditionally memory is a blindspot, making it rich pickings for advanced attackers as they bypass detection and deploy fileless threats. But by automating and scaling memory analysis and detection we eliminate such blind spots, helping to halt attacks and provide protection that you’d otherwise be vulnerable to.

Deep visibility into endpoint memory

With endpoint protection, we scan process memory to identify suspiciously loaded code originating from fileless attacks. This code is then analysed by our AI code detection technology to pinpoint and attribute hidden malware code.

Memory analysis at enterprise scale

We can scan a single endpoint of interest in minutes and sweep 1000s of endpoints quickly and easily.

Endpoint Protection

Speedy investigations and triage

The number of alerts generated by EDR needs state-of-the-art investigation capabilities for an effective triage. Threatray's EDR and IR tooling integrations seamlessly deliver our leading malware investigation capabilities to enterprise defenders.

Clarify ambiguous alerts

By enriching alerts and incidents with our resilient code detection and attribution technology, we provide you with reliable malware family identification and intelligence so you can categorize ambiguous alerts into confirmed and actionable detections.

Dismiss false alerts with confidence

Threatray gives you full visibility on what code is running on an endpoint. With this knowledge, you can then dismiss false alerts confidently and with good certainty.

Endpoint Protection

Turn back time with retro code hunting and detection

Hunters use logs to find dormant and evasive threats on the infrastructure but they lack the tools to hunt malware code and attacker’s tools. But we make code huntable. Thanks to our code search engine, we turn code which has previously run on the infrastructure into a fully searchable binary log.

A repository of stored code ready to search

We store and index every piece of analysed code, so we can reanalyse it effortlessly. So when new threats are discovered, we can detect or exclude breaches that have happened in the past and previously evaded detection.

Seamless integration you can depend on

We take the stress out of integration and all of our products integrate easily with existing EDR systems and Velociraptor for a cohesive defense strategy.

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