WILMINGTON, Del. & BIEL-BIENNE, Switzerland — Intel 471, the premier provider of cyber threat intelligence for leading intelligence, security,

and fraud teams across the globe  and Threatray, a Swiss technology leader in malware identification, attribution and intelligence, announced today that they are entering into a joint research collaboration

The collaboration between the two companies will leverage Threatray’s core engine to perform code reuse analysis and identify malware variants with a high degree of resilience. It will enable a more accurate tracking of actors and campaigns to better inform threat landscape reporting. Finally, this joint research effort will generate higher value IOC extraction supporting improved detection, triaging, threat hunting and incident response.

“The depth and breadth of Threatway’s malware identification will help provide our portfolio companies with a greater and richer level of insights and reporting”, said Mark Arena, CEO of Intel 471. “The threat landscape is ever changing in terms of severity and complexity. Partnering with industry leaders like Threatray ensures that we can continue to deliver on our promise of premier cyber threat intelligence.”

Threatray has developed an entire novel and highly scalable search engine for code that finds relationships between malware threats currently invisible to other technologies. Bringing the power of search to malware defense allows Threatray to innovate significantly in threat identification and attribution as well as, intelligence analysis and correlation.

“We’re extremely proud and excited about this research collaboration” commented Endre Bangerter, CEO and co-founder of Threatray. “Intel 471’s deep coverage and intimate understanding of the cybercriminal ecosystem is well known in the industry. Having access to this new data and collaborating with their Intelligence team will push further our malware tracking and intelligence capabilities”.

About Intel 471

Intel 471 empowers enterprises, government agencies, and other organizations to win the cybersecurity war using near-real-time insights into the latest malicious actors, relationships, threat patterns, and imminent attacks relevant to their businesses.

The company’s TITAN platform collects, interprets, structures, and validates human-led, automation-enhanced results. Clients across the globe leverage this threat intelligence with our proprietary framework to map the criminal underground, zero in on key activity, and align their resources and reporting to business requirements. Intel 471 serves as a trusted advisor to security teams, offering ongoing trend analysis and supporting your use of the platform. Learn more at https://intel471.com/.

About Threatray

Threatray is the most advanced malware identification engine, both in depth of analysis and width of coverage with unique OSINT correlation capabilities.

Threatray provides faster, more accurate and deeper threat identification, allowing security teams to rapidly make better informed decisions while aggregating and retaining valuable proprietary knowledge and intelligence. Its platform simplifies and enhances all malware defense use cases —from triage and incident response to hunting and advanced analysis—for analysts of all skill levels. Learn more at https://threatray.com/.

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