Introducing Threatray’s analyst platform

Powered by intelligence, we’ve created an innovative new way to analyse suspicious files and code artifacts providing you with first-class binary analysis tools.

Threatray Analyst Platform UI showing Code Detections and a Threat Report
Driven by industry-leading AI models we’re changing the landscape of malware detection and family attribution for good.
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An industry leader, the platform is a must-have for anyone who performs intelligence-driven malware analysis, malware intelligence production, and malware reverse engineering.

Analyst Platform

Code detection technology powered by AI

We’re changing the way malware is detected and going deeper than ever before when it comes to malware detection and family attribution. Supported by innovative technology that’s driving models for binary code and a code search engine that uncovers relations between hundreds of millions of binaries, our holistic approach of detecting entire code in a malware sample is unmatched on the market. 

Precise and resilient detection

Stay one step ahead of attacks with our search and attribution capabilities that help you analyse suspicious files and code artifacts that are resilient to even the most evasive new malware variants. Giving you complete visibility across the board and less time spent on manual investigations.

Extensive malware tracking 

We track thousands of malware families—more than other products on the market—ranging from cybercrime and stealers and C2 frameworks to hacking tools, APTs and intermediary stages of modern attack chains.

Analyst Platform

Unrivalled insights into malware structure and connections

Supported by the latest developments in AI, our code engine delves deep into malware structure and, for the first time ever, unlocks the intelligence value of malware code. This previously inaccessible intelligence is a game-changer in the industry and leading the way in code detection and malware intelligence analysis.

Find threat reports that matter

A novel approach to OSINT threat reports, we’ve pioneered linking unknown samples with previous variants referenced in OSINT reports. By uncovering threat reports from blogs and tweets we unlock investigations and reveal previously unknown malware intelligence that others miss.

Find malware variants at the click of a button

Complete analysis tasks, such as pivoting and case correlation, at the click of a button using our point-and-click variant discovery feature. With results in seconds, we bypass the need for Yara rule creation and pattern extraction.

Analyst Platform

A new age of malware reverse engineering 

We’ve transformed malware reverse engineering by delivering code intelligence at the function level straight into IDA Pro. Making key tasks like discovering new functionality and malware variants and Yara rule development intelligence-driven.

Immediate code insights

By connecting functions from unknown binaries to malware families and by labelling known good functions from legitimate software, we provide you with instant code insights and a head start on your code analysis journey.

Find needles in haystacks

Our function-hunting feature does the impossible by helping you find similar functions and related samples in over 100 million binaries and malware functions in a matter of seconds. With cluster analysis, you can find common and unique functions among binaries to pinpoint code of interest quickly and easily.

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Threatray UI showing malicious code detectionsThreatray UI showing malicious code detections
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At Threatray we’re taking malware detection and intelligence to the next level. How? By creating the first-of-its-kind search code technology and deep code analysis that’s powered by AI and machine learning.
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